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Business Consulting

Organizational Development

Organizational Development is the process of creating the organizational culture that a company needs to succeed in a competitive market. Employees are what make a company and everyone knows that it’s hard to find and retain qualified, highly skilled employees. The culture is that deciding factor and there are proven recipes for success to create a positive workplace where employees are motivated to build the company. JAMPS will provide that assessment and work directly with the leaders and managers of your organization to create a roadmap to your optimal organizational culture.

  • Assessment of Organizational Climate
  • Team Building Workshops
  • One on One and Small Group Mentoring/Coaching
  • Surveys
  • Conflict Resolution and Intervention
Change Management

Change Management is the process of transitioning individuals, teams and organizations to a new objective. Change is hard for all those involved, but it’s essential to meet customer demands and stay relevant in the global environment. There are also proven methods to implement genuine change by understanding the emotions involved and effectively communicating. Managing the entire change process from start to finish, JAMPS will follow a tested approach to connect with all stakeholders and ensure that the new objective is met.

  • Manage the Change Process from Start to Finish
  • Prepare Communication and Expectations
  • Conduct Listening Sessions / Gather Feedback
  • Counter Resistance and Intervention
  • Conduct Training Sessions
Project Management

Project Management is the undertaking of a temporary project to produce a specific result. Scope, time, quality and budget are all vital to understand to plan and organize resources to successfully accomplish your objectives by the deadline. JAMPS will work with your company every step of the way to develop all aspects of the project, set milestones, build a project team and regularly communicate to all the stakeholders.

Business Research & Writing

Business Research & Writing: Quality research and writing takes time and expertise. JAMPS has the knowledge to collect information, conduct research and interviews and put together the quality writing project that meets your needs.

  • Business Plans
  • Market Research
  • Journalism Research
  • News Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Blogs
  • Curriculum Development
  • Ghost Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Standard Operating Procedures
Ethical Prevention & Response

Ethical Prevention & Response isn’t something organizations want to think about until it happens, but then it’s too late. It needs to be built into the culture. Scandals, bad publicity and negative views from society can quickly change the image of a company. Fortunately, these situations are avoidable with training and timely, appropriate intervention.

  • Customized training programs catered to your organization, facilitated on a regular basis, typically quarterly or biannually
  • Standby to provide guidance on how to handle ethical situations, both internally and externally
  • Investigations into allegations of ethical violations
  • Recommendations and a plan of action to help your organization learn and grow as a result of these unexpected situations